In October 2018 we lost our Cajon player Carl Butterworth to cancer. In honour of his memory and his incredible spirit and zest for life we have decided to support organisations and causes that he would have approved of and in his name.

We are currently supporting two projects S2r Create space, an independent mental health Charity ion Kirklees that Carl was a great supporter of and Super Seraph Vs Neuropblastoma which is a chrity raising money for cancer treatment for a lovely young man battling with a very rare form of cancer. 


S2R Create Space is an independent mental health charity, working across Kirklees, offering a range of well-being, creative and outdoor workshops. 

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Super Seraph vs. Neuroblastoma

Seraph is a very cheeky little monkey- As many four year olds are. He likes dinosaurs, Lego, Minecraft, and giggling like an idiot. Most of all though, he loves his big brother, Logan. 

Seraph also has High Risk Neuroblastoma; an aggressive form of paediatric cancer, with only a 40% chance of surviving the next 5 years.

In 2017, he was a just normal 3 year old; finding his feet at nursery, making new friends, climbing on everything!  One night, just before Christmas, he fell out of his cot and broke his arm. Just our luck, we thought. Not knowing what was to come. Over Christmas, he still seemed in a lot of pain, so we returned to A+E. An exploratory ultrasound revealed a tumour in his abdomen. Further investigation showed the cancer was in his skeleton and bone marrow. The broken arm had very much been 'a lucky break.' Without it, our first trip may well have been to PICU.

Seraph has been through so much; surgery, chemotherapy so strong it has damaged his hearing,  a stem cell transplant (which had him in isolation for a month, and in hospital for 2).  He was the first patient at Addenbrookes to undergo 5 weeks of radiotherapy for this disease, and he did each day without general anaesthetic (unusual for a child so young). Finally, we hope he'll finish Immunotherapy in June 2019. 

Although this is one of the most intensive protocols for any paediatric cancer (and all the NHS can currently offer) still about half of the children who make it through, relapse. Therefore we are fundraising for future treatment. Current possibilities cost in the hundreds of thousands of pounds, and are (just now) only offered abroad.

'Logan is our moon. Seraph is our sun. I honestly don't know what we'd do without him. Every child deserves a full and happy life, and we need both our children to shine.'

Please share and donate to allow Seraph access to potentially life-saving treatment.

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