Carl Butterworth 1964 - 2018

Carl was one of the founder members of the Good Earth Collective, playing Cajon and singing with the band from 2016 - 2018. During this time Carl was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. It was a testament to the kind of person he was that he never let his condition affect his enjoyment of playing with the band and he never let us down, not once. Carl's humour, loyalty, strength and positivity was inspirational.

Carls last performance with the band was at Westival on Aug 25th 2018. We played outside in bright sunshine overlooking the beauty and majesty of the Yorkshire landscape that he loved. In October 2018 after two years of battling with cancer our friend and comrade passed away. We comfort ourselves knowing that although his physical form has gone Carl is now part of the infinite matter of the universe. We decided therefore to purchase a star in his name to both honour his memory and also to give us somewhere to look in the night sky when we fancy a chat or someone to share a Pontefract cake with.

If you wish to view The Carl Butterworth Star it can be found at: star location NGC181 situated in the Andromeda constellation (intergalactic star database number (ISD0433106)

Anybody who knew Carl, even briefly, knows what a special and unique human being he was. The world is much poorer for his passing but much richer for his existence. We wouldn't be the band we are without Carl and we wouldn't have laughed as much. We continue to miss him everyday but Carl wouldn't want us to be sad, after all we have a distant star to look at, some amazing memories and Carl's still with us on stage everytime we play and every tuesday in the kitchen. As well as being a musician, Carl was an exceptional and passionate photographer, something he only discovered whilst dealing with his illness. He decided to share his talents and skills as a photographer at S2R Create Space, a charity dedicated to positive mental health.

We miss you everyday Carl. There's still a space in the kitchen for your Cajon and there always will be.... so drop by one tuesday if you have time...

B.O.D "we are all made of stars"....